Casting department

Core making

We have 6 machines to manufacture cores in hotbox and in colbox

Gravity shell process

in gravity casting we only use alloyings such as  brasses CuZn39Pb1Al-B CB754S, CuZn35Pb2Al-B CB752S and CuZn16Si4.  the parts can weigh from a few grams until 10 kilos. We have 5 machines for the shell process and 1 for manual casting (useful for small productions).

Vacuum shell process

We used the CuZn16Si4 alloying because it presents excellent mechanical characteristics and doesn’t contain lead. the parts can weigh from a few kilos until 70 kilos. We have 2 casting areas.


this technology presents many avantages : machining thickness winning. best material homogeneity and few porosity risks . shell casting until 70 kg. a free lead brass can be used in order to answer to the strictest sanitary requirements…