The firm

Created in 1938, Guareski is settled in the industrial area of Vimeu, in maritime Picardie. Historically linked with the brass work and valves and fittings for building industry, it extends its activities with smelting works (end of the ‘50’s) and stamping die (hot smelting work for nonferrous metals) at the end of the ‘70’s.In a first time, the output means were only used for its own products. But, since 1975, they have been developed to be able to realize a subcontracting activity.

Since 1975, the subcontracting activity has been in constant development. During the ‘90’s we have created 3 new activities : Brass stamping die, copper stamping die and aluminium stamping die. In 2000 we have introduced a  vacuum casting system  in the smelting department.  Thanks to this new technology, we are able to realize technical parts up to 70 kg. As for the machining department, we have added very powerfull automated transfer machines and created new machining areas to increase our capacity of production and be more reactive. Thanks to its experience in the valve industry, our firm can realize assembling operations or specific packagings.

Very concerned by the notion of quality and service, we have been very proud since 1995, when we have received our first Quality certificate : the ISO 9002 Label.

We haven’t stop in our quality development and, in 2001, AFAQ delivered us the ISO 9001 certification.